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Gerty Agoston-bio and main works


Playwright and Novelist - born in beautiful B u d a p e s t, Hungary, has been living in her beloved New York City "forever".

"Ever since I have seen my first American pictures at age 6, I wanted to come to America and that dream was fulfilled when, having gotten my B. A. .from a German "Real gymnasium" (High School with emphasis on Science ) and having; studied in Paris, France, I joined my sister - who had married an American - in the United States. I became a journalist and worked for the New York based German-American "Staats-Zeitung" , a daily( today a weekly) for 26 years, while also being a film correspondent of the prestigious "Basler National-Zeitung" , Basel, Switzerland and, for 3 years, the New York cultural correspondent of the dpa, the famous "German Press Agency".

I gave up journalism to write novels and plays. My early one-act dramas have been produced by approximately l00. American and Canadian college theatres, but also in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and even Namibia, South Africa.
So far, I have published 13 novels in more than 4 languages, in German, Durch, Spanish, English and Hungarian. My bestseller has been the erotic novel MEIN MANN IST NICHT ZUM SCHLAFEN DA (paperback title, in German: LIEBESSPIELE) published by Gala -Verlag, Heyne-Verlag, in England it had the title MY CARNAL CONFESSION and there have been 7 British printings; it has also been a choice of the prestigious BERTELSMANN BOOK CLUB and I am very proud that the world' s most distinguished book publisher, S. Fischer-Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, has chosen one chapter from "Mein Mann ist nicht zum Schlafen da" for its ANTHOLOGY "Porno" in 2005. . . although I am not crazy about the title ! This book has also been published in Japan! (in Japanese, of course) I do believe that; because it is told in the first person by, a desperate wife... it would make a great.
audio book..., as would my second bestseller, the totally different, humorous, sharply satirical novel MY BED IS NOT FOR SLEEPING (see enclosed outline)
About MY BED IS NOT FOR SLEEPING: My adorable, Hungarian heroine, Marika, who has tried out roughly three quarters of all New York beds; says :
"90 per cent of all Americans are frustrated. The rest sleeps with Hungarians!"

Believe me. . this is so true !
Marika is also the one and only young woman who has found true love and great sex in the arms of a . . . NUCLEAR SCIENTIST, Sebastian ! And he, Sebastian, hates all atom bombs and is crazy about sex bombs, like Hungarian -American Marika. . .
MY NEW WILD AND HAPPY COMEDY: "MY BED IS NOT FOR SLEEPING" is based on two best-selling books, the novel "MY BED IS NOT FOR SLEEPING" and the novel "I MARRIED A HUNDRED HUSBANDS". 7 characters. I have finished my comedy in ENGLISH, GERMAN AND HUNGARIAN and I believe it should be played with music, on the stage; but it must also become a worldwide hit as a TELEVISION COMEDY SERIES, and FILM COMEDY. Just like my humorous novel I MARRIED A HUNDRED HUSBANDS, published in German (MEINE HUNDERT EHEMANNER) and Hungarian: "SZÁZ FÉRJEM VOLT", and the author has an excellent English translation of the book. (Unpublished yet) But also excellent for Audio.(book)

By the way, I am a happy divorcee and I firmly believe that a. happy marriage is the best thing that can happen to a woman; and I am the. greatest foe of psychoanalysis, and, pardon me, please, it is one of my slogans: "`Vive la petite difference !" (between male and female)I simply adore men!!!
But because I am intelligent and religious (I go to Church every Sunday) I have a "dark side", too: I mean, a desperate side in view of the killing, the crime wave that has inundated our beautiful world and, so it seems, will. Never stop!
I have dedicated all of my new one-act dramas (part of them are monologue dramas) to fighting cruelty and crime, to "educate the audience" which, as we know, was the great, great Lessing's aim, too.("Theater should be a moral Institution")

I recommend, for the stage, for television and film my one-act dramas "My Killer, my Kid" (finished in German, English and Hungarian) produced times at different Hungarian Festivals, in Europe; also, in English, at 5 the THEATRE STUDIO in New York, in 2004. (Hungarian productions were in 2002, 2004 and 2005) MY KILLER MY KID SHOULD BE PRODUCED TOGET'HER WITH MY NEW ONE ACT PLAYS as a trilogy, SATAN AND SAINT" It consists of : "My Killer my Kid", "On the Pyre", and "The Epilogue" ...and it is all directed against crime and pro-life and "let us return to the Ten Commandments".

My other suggestion for an evening of one-act dramas (stage, TV and/or film) "LULLABY". (with music by Grieg, for an actress who can sing)
l."MY Killer,my Kid"
2. "My treasure, my Son." (two monologue dramas for an outstanding young actress with a voice... or: the singing could come from (I quite forgot to mention that mora than 20 years ago I have won a contest of New York's STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK with my project to produce a 30-part-English-German television series entitled MACH MIT LERN DEUTSCH (Come on, let's learn German!) and the series was produced with Hollywood actor Stefan Schnabel in the lead... 30 half hour comedies, written by Gerty Agoston. It was a hit on Channel 13 and Channel 31 plays Campus Channels, for 4 solid years!!)
I had avoided visiting the old country, occupied by the communists, but in 1992, after Hungary had become a Democracy again, I was very happy to return to Budapest where my first book was published in Hungarian; I write my novels and books in GERMAN AND ENGLISH. Entitled "Száz férjem volt", "I married a hundred Husbands!" was reviewed excellently in Budapest, and Zoltan Iszlai even wrote of a "similarity with the Dekamerone", which was flattering indeed. - In 2002, my monologue drama."MY KILLER MY KID" had its first, outstanding production at the EGER DRAMA FESTIVAL, and I attended; the drama was shown again, in 2004, at the Budapest Drama Festival and again, in. December 2005, at the "Magyar Ház" (Hungarian House) in Budapest, to critical acclaim. Please read the enclosed review by Istvan Takacs, which was taken over by MAGYAR HIRLAP in Los Angeles, California. There were loads of television interviews with me, in Budapest, and I was quite proud.
My newest and perhaps most relevant one-act drama, entitled ROSARY, has had its first production in Budapest on December 8,2005,directed by Karoly Sziki. This is the story of a terrorist who repents...not directed against any religion, but against international terrorism, committed by men and women of any creed, any ethnic group. I the author, believe that no religion endorses terrorism and that we must fight for a better understanding, for love and PEACE ! I do have "ROSARY" in 3 languages: German, English and Hungarian. A great role for a character actor ...television, stage, art film!
I am convinced that my comedies MY BED IS NOT FOR SLEEPING and others would make great television, stage-, musical and film hits; that my powerful dramas do have a message for the intelligent audience. I do believe that, in spite of all the wars and tragedies, life is worth living, and that "Life is beautiful" and that we should, once a day, kneel down and thank God for letting us... live!

I am a passionate swimmer (New York' s YMCA), and I love nature and sciende and great book. I hate people who complain. I adore Beethoven and Bach and Händel, Goethe and Shakespeare and Thomas Mann and DOSTOJEWSKI AND DOSTOJEWSKI AND DOSTOJEWSKI the greatest writer ever... and Rembrandt, the greatest painter ever... and Vincent an Gogh, and I say: "In spite of all problems, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. There's only one fault: LIFE IS T00 SHORT.
So. . let' s live it up! I love you, my readers and audience!

P. S.

How could I forget? I made quite a, bit of money with my GERMAN TRANSLATIONS OF FAMOUS AMERICAN PLAYS, especially with the comedies by world famous Neil Simon (whom I love), SUNSHINE BOYS are among them... I also translated "Prisoner of Second Avenue" I ought to be in Pictures", "California Suite", "Westside Waltz", "Come blow your Horn" : by Neil Simon and many others, furthermore - by other authors - "Steel Magnolias", "On Golden Pond", "Romantic Comedy", "Gin Game" and many, many more for the German speaking stages, and they have been doing very well. Above all, SUNSHINBEE BOYS (in German; "Sonny Boys" ) has been a hit in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for. over 20 years!
The above-mentioned plays have been produced in my German translation.


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